Entire project could not be performed any better. Initial appointment to discuss the scope of the work and estimate was scheduled for the next business day. Tom came on time and he was extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. He gave me super competitive estimate and we scheduled the remodeling. Actually, with my permission, they started the work sooner than planned and I was very pleased. Shai, the owner of the company, came in the morning to see the kitchen and to discuss the details. It was not a huge project but it required scheduling several different professionals: electrician, granite guy, tile guy, hardware floor specialist, general contractors, painter, etc. Actually, I have never seen such organized, professional and polite group of people. Work was done to absolute perfection and on time. Every day they left the house absolutely spotless and Shai responded to all my phone calls and was scheduling everything around me. I made several changes and he was accommodating as well. Amazing experience
Jack M.
Los Angeles, CA
We have worked with a number of construction groups over the years to renovate or build our homes; but when we were looking to find a superior company in our new city to help us restore the exterior of our 100+ year old Craftsman, finding Butel was like striking gold! Butel's service is seamless from start to finish, from the person who assessed the job to the foreman who was regularly present and hands-on to the crews who were skilled, hardworking, courteous and careful of our property, to the owner, Shai, himself, who was always very accessible and involved in the process, regularly coming out to review the work and discuss our level of satisfaction. In short, EVERYONE involved was dedicated to getting the job done exactly as we wished. That meant showing up each morning, ready to work AND staying on the job until it was done. It also meant and this was going beyond the call of duty, their being abundantly patient and supportive of our struggles to finalize some details, such as selecting just the right coordinating colors for the trim. And at the end, Shai came out again to walk the property, getting input and pictures on any detail that might have been overlooked, so that he could send out his 'detail specialist' to take care of it. Beyond the quality of the work itself, we were also so very impressed with the integrity of the owner and those who work for him. At one point when there was an honest misunderstanding about how we wished some of the window frames finished, the immediate Butel response was NOT to blame either crew or client, but instead to focus on getting it right. This, as much as the quality of the work itself, showed us that Butel truly is client centered. It made us feel as though we and Butel were a team and that they cared just as much as we did both about the process and the end result. And speaking of results, hardly a day goes by that someone passing on foot or in a car doesn't stop to pay us some compliment on the home's beautiful new exterior. As you can imagine, Butel is our new go-to company; and we can't wait to get started on the other projects we have lined up for them! Thank you, Shai and every member of the Butel group for doing such a beautiful job on our home! See you soon!
Cynthia B.
Pasadena, CA
SPECTACULAR RESULTS!!! We are very demanding and detail oriented homeowners with high expectations for our remodel project. From start to finish, BUTEL CONSTRUCTION has exceeded those expectations. I interviewed 6 different contractors for our job. The thoroughness with which Tom prepared the bid was impressive. He answered all of my questions in detail (and good humor) and provided several revisions before we agreed on the scope and cost of the job, and he did so in a timely fashion. Not only was I provided with a solid, detailed bid, but also a substantial number of references that I spoke with personally. All of the reviews were glowing. I also met with Shai Butel at one of their ongoing projects. After speaking with the homeowner, seeing the workmanship, and speaking with Shai about my expectations for our own remodel, I was completely confident that I had found the right people to work with. I LOVE IT WHEN I'M RIGHT! The original remodel plan and budget was modest, and our intention was to do the work in two phases a year or so apart. Phase 1---kitchen/dining/living...Create open plan by removing 2 load bearing walls, build custom cabinets, install new floors, new windows, LED lighting. Once we started demolition and saw how great everything was going, we decided to go ahead with Phase 2---bedroom and bath, and added central air and heating. SHAI BUTEL has been a pleasure to work with. As GC, he's part builder and task master, part diplomat and therapist...and is equally comfortable in all roles. At the end of the day, he is a solidly GOOD GUY!!! The integrity with which he conducts himself and his business is really a rare find in a contractor at any price. We are finishing the job this week and my husband and I are thrilled with the results. BUTEL CONSTRUCTION has helped us transform our cramped, dated 50's Venice bungalow in to an amazing, modern space...the dream home we imagined it could be."
Venice, CA
When we were searching for a contractor on Angie's List, we came across Butel after seeing their high ratings and glowing reviews. After meeting with 5-6 different contractors and getting estimates, we felt the most comfortable with Tom/Shai at Butel Construction. Although, Butel did not provide the cheapest estimate for our project, they were however, the most honest and helpful. We quickly realized that they understood exactly what we wanted for our remodel project, and did not try to upsell us or convince us to do more work than our budget could afford, like many other aggressive contractors have done to us. Butel even gave us helpful advice on how we can save costs on this project, recommended materials to purchase, updates needed to pass city code, and answered all of our questions regarding the process. After a background check that turned up clean and checking with their references who gave sincere positive reviews, we felt very comfortable and trusting of Butel to do our remodel. Once we started the project, we worked directly with Miguel and Shai and their various crews. As stressful as any remodel project can be, they were consummate professionals and managed the entire process smoothly. They were always on-time, always responsive, efficient, good at solving unexpected problems, and kept the job site as clean as they could. From day 1 to the completion of the project, they ?were on task and did an excellent job all around. We had a very tight timeline to get this project done, and they not only stayed within budget, but also completed the project on time without issue. Miguel, Shai, Tom and the team are just awesome to work with and we highly recommend them for any project big or small. It's not often you can come across such sincere and hardworking people, so we're very glad we picked Butel. Based on this experience, we will definitely hire Butel Construction again for our future projects!"
Esther T.
Los Angeles, CA
I went on Angie's list in an attempt to find a good local contractor that could work on overhauling the entire interior of our home. We were expecting at the time, so needed the work to be completed quickly and efficiently too. As per the reviews on Angie's list I picked the top three scoring construction companies in my area - one of which was Butel Construction. Interestingly they were not the top most scoring company on this list, but having met with all three, we decided to work with Butel because they were easily the most professional, friendly and cost -effective of the three. We initially met with Tom who was very tuned in to what we wanted to do with the house. He even had some great suggestions that we hadn't thought of and immediately we knew we would like to work with Butel. We then met with Shai Butel who took on the project in its entirety. We have to say, Shai is a real credit to his company. He has been an absolute pleasure to work with and has repeatedly gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that we had everything exactly as we wanted it. He was totally hands on throughout the project and was also conscious that we were expecting, and therefore had a deadline to move into the house. The company met all expectations. Our deadlines were met, our budget was met, and most of all, the quality and professionalism of all members of this company made the process so much easier. This was a large project with many different elements that had to be fulfilled - from re-modelling an entire new kitchen, through to fitting brand new electrics and plumbing throughout the property. Shai was extremely hands on - he regularly visited the house and would inform us every day of its progress. He was also available to us on the phone 24/7 - answering all our questions and also providing us with some great suggestions regarding our re-modelling of the property. What has been really impressive to me personally, is that he still checks in a couple of months after the work has finished and has let us know that if we're unhappy with anything, he is more than happy to fix it for us. I don't normally write reviews, but felt compelled to write this one because we've been so impressed with the company, it's employees, and most of all by the workmanship on the house - all courtesy of Butel.
Belliappa K.
Los Angeles

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